Tim Ferriss Top 10 Rules For Success

Tim Ferriss Top 10 Rules For Success

Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss’s Top 10 Rules For Success

Tim Ferris is an American author, public speaker, entrepreneur, podcaster, charity advocate, health guru, speaker and business award winner. Tim Ferris has become one of the New York Times best-selling authors with his down-to-earth and informative books including ‘4-Hour Workweek,’ ‘The 4-Hour Body’ and ‘The 4-Hour Chef.’ He is a notable investor, media personality, Facebook twitter advisor and Stumbleupon, Evernote and Uber sponsor. Sponsoring and representing a great many companies, his messages have resonated with many will and his approach to self-help has been considered friendly and unique.

He’s Tim Ferriss and these are his top 10 rules for success.

  1. Have a variety of interests: remain proactive in every area of your life. It is important to have a variety of interests not only in the world of business within your personal life. To find success, you must find a happy balance between what you want and need. Seek out things that interest and excite you and develop relationships and social networks that allow you to have plenty of time to pursue your passions. Look around for hobbies that interest you whether it is sports, dancing, meditation, cooking, etc. Look for people to share those interests and develop a strong sense of self with plenty of time to enjoy them.
  1. Look after yourself and few will your interests: work on the things that matter to you. Think about what makes you tick and put your time, effort and even your money into it. People who neglect to take into account where their interests lie when deciding career paths or personal endeavors often do not luck out. Think carefully and do research on what types of ideas and ventures will put you in closer touch with what interests you. Maintain positive energy in your pursuits towards happiness and balance in your work and personal life.
  1. Learn the art of the pitch: be open to new opportunities. Good luck often does not come easily or frequently. Be sure to actively pursue any potential opportunity and get the absolute most out of it. Do not simply learn how to pitch. Think about when the best time to pitch may be. Whether you are pitching an idea or saying yes to a business venture, choose your moments wisely and carefully. At the same time, do not be so cautious you let a potentially great opportunity pass you by.
  1. Work on your strengths: everybody has weaknesses and strengths. Focus on your strong suits, hone your skills and develop your talents. Stay honest with yourself about what role you may have in your own success and the success of a business. What needs can you fill? What types of roles fit you best? Where do your skills and aptitudes lie? Develop them, grow them, branch out from them and learn from yourself as well as the world around you. Finding a career niche often relies upon one’s own assessment of themselves. You know yourself better than anybody else. Therefore, think carefully about where you might be best situated given your talents.
  1. Know how to sell: we all must learn marketing and promotional strategies in one way or another. The world turns based on the ability to sell different goods and services properly. No matter what the industry niche, it is an important skill set to have. The ability to communicate well with others in order to get points across, deliver an important message or offer what one is selling will always be an in demand skill. Think about what you purchase and how you relate to marketing strategies. They closely about what she wanted expect from a vendor or provider of any kind. Take notes and learn from the types of selling strategies that appeal to you. From there, carefully analyze what appeals to others. What broad selling techniques can be applied and made unique through your own special approach?
Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss

  1. Ideas are nothing by themselves: we all have ideas. The important thing to do with them is actively work to flesh them out. Do not simply have an idea. Have a framework for creating something out of it that is useful and positive. Make your ideas a priority and start your journey of exploration based on the value of your ideas. Add something to the world around you through applying your ideas and turning them into successful ventures.
  1. Choose what to do carefully: when you focus on your strengths and knowledge, you can then think about where you fit well in the world around you. Don’t get overwhelmed. Simply focus on one or two key strengths and think about where those strengths might land you. Where are you most comfortably situated? What are your hopes and dreams? From there, think carefully about the types of pursuits you choose. Pick wisely.
  1. Stay pragmatically pessimistic: stay optimistic but at the same time, remember the importance of consistency. Do not procrastinate. Continue working hard and working smart. Don’t let your mind wander too much away from work. Be prepared for the challenges ahead and stay ready for all outcomes. Everyone’s ideas will take a certain amount of backing and receive a certain amount of critique. We all must be ready to face such obstacles and move forward constructively.
  1. Keep a focused metric: when creating a business, identify the measurable categories of information. Then, identified the personal strengths you have and to keep growing them. Think of everything in a specific category with a specific metric. Setup benchmarks for yourself and your business.

10. Think of failure as a form of assistance: Tim’s book ‘The 4 Hour Work Week’ was initially rejected by  an overwhelming majority of prospective publishers. However, it has subsequently become one of the New York Times’ bestsellers list. By thinking of failure in a different way, we can use our negative experiences and turn them into teachable moments. ““A person’s success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have.” – Tim Ferriss

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