The marketing aspect behind Christmas songs in stores and malls!

 Christmas_Songs Marketing

So we went out today me and my family to the mall,we are on the 15th of November,and we noticed some stores have already started playing Christmas songs!

I  like Christmas songs ,they are relaxing and cool,they are peaceful ,inspiring and motivating,of course not to everyone ,it may remind some people that they are alone , not celebrating or any other not so positive thoughts,but anyway i was talking in general!

In fact i think that there is a major marketing reason why those stores start to play Christmas songs that early,and the reason i think is that they are trying to push people indirectly to do the same behavior they have at Christmas  time,buying gifts,buying stuff,buying clothes ,buying even things that they don’t need and buying buying buying….

So tell me Mourad ,why are you writing about this topic,in fact i think you should control your behavior and take care not to get into the buying stuff you don’t need behavior those stores are trying to push you to ,you can always turn this switch on ,on the first of December or even later when you start buying your gifts and not to buy stuff that you don’t need that may just take money out of your pocket and get you poorer and poorer affecting your long term quality of life specially when you start paying the interest rate , 20% or more, on your credit card debt.


Get in control of your spending habits,buy stuff you need , save and invest as well for a long term financial independence and prosperity!


Mourad Fanoos is an IT professional,blogger,investor,entrepreneur who speaks 4 languages and who has traveled to many countries around the world!

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