Les Brown Top 10 Rules for Success

Les Brown Top 10 Rules for Success

Les Brown

Les Brown

Les Brown Top 10 Rules for Success

Les Brown possesses an incredible and unique success story. Brown was born alongside his twin brother in a poverty-stricken section of Miami within an abandoned building. A single mother, who worked remedial low-wage jobs in the Miami area, later adopted him. Les Brown has subsequently become a notable and powerful success story. Though he was declared mentally retarded during grade school, he was able to reinvent himself and raises self-esteem during his high school years with the assistance of one teacher and with the guidance of his mother. Afterwards, Brown moved into a long-term career as a radio broadcaster and motivational speaker as well serving other notable roles. He has subsequently served for over six years for the Ohio House of Representatives. Here are Les Brown’s Top 10 Rules for Success:

1. Have faith in yourself: Brown considered one of the most important aspects of life to continually believe in yourself. Telling yourself everyday, this is my day, and I’ve got what it takes” – Les Brown. It is essential to focus and create one’s own unique mindset when faced with challenges. It serves as one of the most pivotal and strong human characteristics a person can hang on to.

2. Astound your customers and make a commitment to go above and beyond: push the boundaries and offer something that has not already been offered by another company, brand or person. It is important to not only meet the standards of consumers but also exceed the expectations of all of your customers. “This can also be related to personal relationships and interactions; always go above and beyond, do more than expected, under promise and over deliver, then sit back and watch the rewards roll in” –Les Brown. Make a firm commitment to wow people and go the extra mile so that people will not simply be satisfied but will also be blown away. In a customer driven economy, it is necessary to go beyond simply serving customers.

3. Take complete responsibility for your life: Les Brown is a perfect example of an individual who had a very difficult starting point in life. From an early age, Les had to accept where he was. He did not waste energy on becoming aggravated or depressed by his circumstance. He instead move forward constructively while accepting the reality of the situation and working towards improving it.

4. Stand up for yourself: standing up for ourselves is often one of the greatest and most fundamental challenges we face. Circumstances may greatly alter cases and some obstacles may seem insurmountable. However, to give into negative input and criticism is a dangerous and slow-moving enemy we all must seek to overturn in our lives. We cannot let ourselves be spoiled by such input or let it detract from the steps we take to facilitate our goals.

5. Give everything you have: Brown wishes to inspire others to never let emotions get the best of us or control us. The driving force in our life must be our own actions towards positive end products. Les Brown was once quoted as saying, “activate the thinker in you.” By this, Brown implies that we must work hard and push ourselves hard to be a business success or achieve any of our dreams. We almost put the hard work in and do whatever is necessary to accomplish our goals.

Les Brown

Les Brown

6. Keep yourself busy: idleness can be an insidious problem that causes overall harm to even the most driven individuals. It can let us get too relaxed. It can allow us to procrastinate. Do not idle when you are on a mission. Keep a strong momentum pushing forward. Brown cites one of the greatest reasons to his long-term success as his unwillingness to quit or take a break. He uses the example of his longtime job working at a radio station and how he managed to stay busy to ensure the best outcome. He used such early experiences to inform the way he ran his campaign during the election for the Ohio House of Representatives. He attributes his success and subsequent victory to continually planting seeds and staying busy. Brown firmly believes that by putting oneself out there, good things will happen eventually.

7. Give out more than you were paid for: “The man who does more than he is paid, will always be paid for more than he does”- Les Brown. Brown also reiterates the point that success is a result of hard work. In his opinion, this is why we should be more critical of our behavior and ourselves. Examine our attitudes towards other earths and think about how we may better serve other people. Do not expect to receive but instead continue giving. Brown believes that rewards come to those who demonstrate their capabilities to hard work and perseverance.

8. Do not let other people’s opinion become your own reality: Brown reiterates the point that we are all faced with defeat at one time or another in our lives. When we encounter such a circumstance, we may grow envious of others who are succeeding at the moment. Alternately, when we succeed, we are often faced with negative opinions of others when we are on the receiving end of other people’s jealousy or feelings of unfairness. We must not let the opinions of others dictate our own opinions. Additionally, it is up to us to determine our own reality.

9. Remember that you are different: Brown finds that one of the most important keys to succeeding in our own fields of expertise is to embrace the fact idea that we are different and original. Do not try to perform by other people’s standards. Instead, better yourself and be the best you that you can be. Capitalize on what makes you unique and embrace the differences. Brown encourages us all to then embody those differences and build our own self-confidence by believing that we are different in a good way.

10. Never stop chasing your dreams: Les Brown considers his most important advice to be: never give up. We must all make certain sacrifices in order to reach our dreams and along the way, we may doubt ourselves. However, this is no time to stop. Keep going with the best foot forward at all times.

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