Is Tai Lopez a liar or a marketing genius?!


So many people are asking nowadays is Tai lopez a liar,is Tai lopez a scammer,is Tai Lopez just the perfect scam?

But who is Tai lopez anyway? Tai Lopez is a network marketer he has nearly around 375 000 youtube subscribers on his you tube channel,he claims that he went from being broke with only 47$ in his pocket to living the luxury life in a luxurious house in California in Beverly Hills and a fancy Lamborghini in his garage,Tai Lopez claims that he reads a book each day ,sometimes more,while in fact after some verification,it turns out that the house is a short term rental as we can see in this link

Tai Lopez Lamboghini car was cough on one of the videos with the white tag key normally issued for rented cars ,so he doesn’t own the car neither!

Reading a book a day is also questionable with the amount of videos he is doing each day,may be he is just reading the conclusions of the books? May be!

So how did Tai Lopez did it? Tai has launched Youtube aggressive ad campaign for his Lamborghini rented car video ,stating that he went from broke with 47$ in his pocket to living the luxurious life in his huge fancy house of Beverly hills and a Lamborghini ,this aggressive ad campaign that was displaying his ad on nearly ever video ,made many people subscribe to his channel to know Tai Lopez secret ,they liked the idea of the book shelf that helped the broke guy to buy a Lamborghini and the luxurious house of Beverly Hills.

Using this strategy,Tai Lopez was able to get 375000 subscribers to his channels ,those followers now will become his customers,how come? I will tell you 😉

Tai Lopez started releasing more videos on youtube and started monetizing his videos with Adsense ,he promotes his t-shirt (hideous T-Shirt by the way) for i think 37$ or so,He sells the 67 program to help people succeed with their business,he promotes products indirectly by putting his affiliate link in the youtube description and getting commissions from click bank on certain products,he monetize even his channel by inviting celebrities and business owners to appear on his channel ,they talk about their product or book on and then he encourages people to buy the product and he puts the link and gets up to 50% commission (because they are selling to his subscribers,remember)  ,or probably if you want to display your message to 375000 people you can ask Tai he will get you on air and you will pay the fee!

So is he a scam,in fact Tai is a genius marketer there is no doubt,he is very smart guy,very intelligent ,fast learner,and i do believe he reads a lot,his youtube channel is full of great content,he deserves to get rewarded for his efforts that’s for sure, my only problem with him is if he has based all his marketing strategy and success on a lie ,because probably he may buy this house and even the Lamborghini now from the income he is making on ads ,sales and commissions.

You can definitely reverse engineer what he did but would you base your success on a cheat or a lie?!

I will let you answer this question,cheers!

Mourad Fanoos is an IT professional,blogger,investor,entrepreneur who speaks 4 languages and who has traveled to many countries around the world!

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