A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Top 10 Rules for Success

Abdul Kalam Top 10 Rules for Success

 Abdul Kalam’s Top 10 Rules for Success

Abdul Kalam was formerly the president of India. He is also a well-known aerospace scientist, author and professor. He has brought inspiration to a huge number of individuals around the world and has proved extraordinary at his work in a variety of fields. Kalam remains humble, sincere, positive and steadfast in his moves forward. His advice can help individuals at any phase of life with a great many challenges. He imparts a great many values and life lessons we can learn from. Here are Abdul Kalam’s Top 10 Rules for Success:


  1. Keep educating yourself: Abdul Kalam encourages everyone to think forward towards the next opportunity at all times. Never stop educating yourself and never stop being a student in life. Be open to new information and remain curious. We can all gain much more if we keep ourselves open to new information and think for ourselves. Through education, we can develop a greater awareness of the world around us and take better steps to ensure our well-being in it.
  1. Know how to cope with failure: Failure is an inevitable part of the journey towards any career goal or personal accomplishment. Abdul Kalam was famously quoted as having said, “If you get NO as an answer, remember N.O

means “Next Opportunity.” He reminds us that failure is par for the course but should not stop us from moving forward. On any venture, there may be unforeseen obstacles and doors shut in front of us. It is important to persevere and see the denial as nothing more than a test. Denial is really just a challenge waiting to be negotiated.

  1. Abdul Kalam asked us to remember that strength is created through peace: It is often the tactic people take to fight against obstacles and setbacks. Having an inner sense of pressure and a heightened level of stress and aggression will not make it easier for us to reach our goals. It is far more important to develop an inner calm and have a sense of peace. Safety in our own skin is one of the key elements in success. Peace is one of the most difficult things to achieve in a stressful, irritating or challenging situation. This is why strength is increased through stepping farther outside us and the current circumstance to remain level headed. People in positions of leadership or command must develop an impenetrable inner calm. This will help to ensure a good outcome no matter what the challenge. Acting with dignity is a fantastic trait in the world of work and throughout life in general.
  1. Know how to manage a team: Even if we feel like we are born ‘followers’ and prefer to receive orders rather than take command, developing leadership skills will always be important. You never know when you will have to manage or oversee something. Know how to reach others, connect well with them and communicate effectively. Be positive and inspire trust and loyalty among others as part of a team. Working collectively and working efficiently with others is an excellent skill for everyone to have.
  1. Have a vision: Picture what you want before you set about working towards it. Whether it is a business venture or a personal journey, have a vision for what it should look like when complete. Ensure a successful outcome through taking small steps towards a greater end product. Keep that end product in mind.
Abdul Kalam

Abdul Kalam

  1. Know how to make decisions: Being indecisive or unable to make firm decisions and stay true to them detracts from overall success. It is essential to assume a command role in any decision making process. Think carefully. Think critically. Make an informed decision and stick with it.
  1. Stay inspired by the work you do: It may be difficult at times to stay motivated if the work we do does not inspire us. Many of us work jobs that are by nature ‘uninspiring’ or mundane. That’s when we must use our imagination and think about long-term goals and prospects. What can lead us where? What makes us happy? It is important to think about what we find most rewarding in life and work and move towards it. If one is not inspired by their work, the job will ultimately feel more difficult. Abdul Kalam once said, “If you fail, never give up because F.A.I.L

means “First Attempt In Learning.” This can apply to anyone looking for the right and most inspiring career path. While failure often happens on the road to finding what we are really after, think of it only as a first attempt. We learn and grow from failure and we also learn and grow through motivation. Remember to stay positive and work not just hard, but smart.

  1. Love your work: Staying passionate about your work gives the boost of energy needed to get the job done right. When one truly enjoys what they do, anything is possible as far as success. People will also take note of it when someone enjoys their work. These people could be clients, fellow businesspeople or potential investors, entrepreneurs or other key individuals. Networking with others is easier when one is passionate about what they do. By being passionate about work, people will sit up and take note. People have a greater respect for those who work honestly and with integrity. A positive job outlook comes to those who enjoy what they do.
  1. Work with great people: Whether create a good team of allies or having a network of loyal and trustworthy individuals working under you, great things can be achieved.
  1. Love your art: Think of what you do as an art. It is your creation. It is your vision. It is your gift to others. Develop it with care and love and be proud of the end product.

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